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Sexual Behavior in Turkish 'Normal' Couples
Cennet Şafak Öztürk, Haluk Arkar
Article Type: Research

Objective: The aim of this study is to obtain descriptive data as concerns sexual behavior of normal married couples.

Method: The sampling of the study consists of 100 married couples at 18-55 age. Sociodemographics and Sexual History Form (SHF) were used in collecting the data.

Results: The age of first sexual intercourse was seen to be 18-24 age group for both gender. It was found that 42% of women stated their frequency of sexual intercourse as twice a week and 38% of men stated as 3 or 4 times a week. It was observed that 46% of women said “my husband usually initiates the sexual intercourse” and 34% of men said “my wife and I initiate the sexual intercourse”. 56% of women said that they regarded masturbation as usual, whereas 44% of them said that they regarded it as negative; on the other hand, 81% of men stated that they regarded masturbation as usual. 85% of women and 45% of men stated that they never masturbated. It was found out that 32% of women and 30% of men replied that the time for foreplaying is between 7-10 minutes. 32% of women were observed to show negative-disgusting reactions to erotic or pornographic materials.

Conclusion: It was observed that the frequency of masturbating is low, the duration of foreplay is short, and women have a more negative attitude towards masturbation and pornographic materials.

Key words: sexuality, sexual behavior, marriage, sexual function

New Sempozyum Journal 2017; 55(4):2-9