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Difficulties in Treatment in the Adolescent Anorexia Nervosa Case
Merve Aktaş Terzioğlu, Gülfizar Sözeri Varma, Tuğçe Toker Uğurlu, Osman Özdel
Article Type: A Case Report
Anorexia Nervosa (AN) is a mental illness having high mortality rate and characterized with serious impairment in eating behavior. AN leads to severe biological consequences and serious psychosocial dysfunction. Self-assessments of the patients are overly and excessively affected by their body shape and weight. Genetic, neurobiological and psychosocial factors play a role in etiology. Due to the presence of specific symptoms and evidences, generally it is not too hard to diagnose AN. However, the lack of insight of the patient, the existence of life-threatening medical consequences of the disorder and the presence of strong psychosocial factors in the etiology make medical treatment difficult. In AN, comorbidity is most often seen with depression and anxiety disorders. Concomitant mental disorders and the severity of these mental disorders are among the factors that make treatment difficult. A multifaceted approach to medical treatment is essential. Treatment requires the association of psychopharmacology and specific psychotherapeutic practices. Since family relationships play an important role in the etiology of the disease, participation of the family in the treatment process is required. Building strong and effective cooperation has a positive effect on the prognosis of the disease. This article presents a case diagnosed with AN, and it aims to summarize the difficulties encountered in treatment process and coping methods.

Key words: Anorexia nervosa, eating disorders, comorbidity

New Sempozyum Journal 2018; 56(4):13-17