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Resilience in the Face of Domestic Violence: Links to Self-Compassion and Anger Expressions in Turkish Women Seeking Legal Help
Zümrüt Gedik
Article Type: Research

Objective: This methodological study aimed to investigate the relation of resilience to anger expressions, trait anger, and self-compassion in 170 Turkish women who experienced domestic violence and sought legal help.

Method: The study had a descriptive and cross-sectional design. Data was collected using self-report measures.

Results: The perpetrator of domestic violence was the husband in 33.5% of the cases. It was found that 18.8% of the women got married before the age of 18. The participants had relatively high resilience scores. Results of the hierarchical multiple regression analysis showed that higher self-compassion, anger control, and trait anger were significant predictors of resilience, explaining %36.8 of the total variance.

Conclusions: According to the results, secondary prevention programs aimed at cultivating self-compassion and anger control carry the potential to promote resilience in women at risk for domestic violence.

Key words: resilience, self-compassion, anger, domestic violence, interpersonal violence

New Sempozyum Journal 2019; 57(1):10-15