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Psychological Interventions in Sexual Dysfunctions
Cennet Şafak Öztürk
Article Type: Review
It is aimed to make a general overview to psychological interventions used in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions (SDs) in this article. Although traditional psychological interventions are applied in the treatment of SDs such as sexual therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and marital/couple therapy, the use of mindfulness and sexual therapy on the Internet have been seen to be on the increase in recent years. The studies conducted regarding the efficiency of psychological interventions applied in the treatment of SDs indicate that these interventions are effective in the treatment of SDs. Psychological interventions present promising treatment options for SDs. Nevertheless, the insufficient methodological patterns of studies make it hard for the results to be interpreted and compared. Therefore, more studies are needed to be carried out in the future in relation to the efficiency of psychological interventions. Because very limited number of studies has been made regarding psychological interventions applied to SDs in Turkey, it can be said that there is an important deficiency in this realm.  

Key words: sexual dysfunction, male sexual dysfunctions, female sexual dysfunctions, psychological intervention, sexual therapy

New Sempozyum Journal 2019; 57(2):18-28