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Epileptic Seizure after Disulfiram Treatment: A Case Report
Deniz Deniz Özturan, Zeynep Bebek Yılmaz, Merve Bilgin Koçak, Fatma Çoker
Article Type: A Case Report
Disulfiram is a pharmacological agent which is used for the treatment of  alcohol use disorder. Toxic reactions may be occur if it used with alcohol. The using of disulfiram without alcohol can make adverse affects like fatigue, liver toxicity, optic neuritis, dermatitis but epilepsy is rare. In this report, a case that developed epilepsy in the seventh day of the disülfiram treatment is presented.

Key words: disulfiram, epilepsy, alcohol use disorder

New Sempozyum Journal 2019; 57(2):29-31