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Yeni Symposium 2020-58-1

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Current Psychotherapy Approaches for Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Pelin KARACA, Seda OKTAY, Merve KOÇAK, Gülsen ERDEN
Article Type: Review
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an illness that has intrusive thoughts (obsessions) in the individual and involuntary repetitive behaviors (compulsions) that accompany them from time to time, negatively affecting the functionality of the individual. It is known that cognitive behavioral therapy interventions are effective in the treatment of OCD. In recent years, as an alternative to cognitive behavioral therapy, the effectiveness of different therapeutic approaches on OCD has been studied. Considering the prevalence of OCD in the society as well as its early onset and a chronic course when individuals are not treated in their lives, the importance of psychological treatment approaches is remarkable. In this review, the perspective of awareness-based therapies, acceptance and commitment therapy, and metacognitive therapy, which are among the current approaches in the treatment of OCD, and which have become widespread recently, are mentioned and effectiveness studies are included.

Key words: mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy, metacognitive therapy, obsessive compulsive disorder

New Sempozyum Journal 2020; 58(2):26-38