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Kemal Arıkan
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Article Type: Editorial
As is well known, paradigm changes in psychiatry have lately been discussed. For instance, the hypothesis of dopamine in schizophrenia is observed to be weakened. Two simple questions have been asked. If the hypothesis was right, wouldn’t the disease show full remission after all the receptors are occupied? Why do relapses occur after remissions?

Plenty of reasons for these paradigm changes can be asserted. But according to us, the most important among them, like in the given example above, is the character of the new generation that cut across all boundaries in query. They have the capability to hurdle censorship. The fact that they never comprimise on ethical values is such a remarkable virtue. It is a great responsibility for our generation to contribute to this new generation. It is these feelings that provide us with strength to overcome economical as well as other problems in the process of publishing the journal, Yeni Sempozyum (New Symposium).

We wish all our readers all the best until we meet in the next issue.

Kemal Arıkan

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New Sempozyum Journal 2015; 53(1):0